MVD creates live visual environments for clubs, corporate, and live musical events. Rather than make a pre-recorded video show to continuously loop throughout the party, MVD is on-site letting the music spontaneously dictate the scope and intensity of the visuals. MVD takes, searches, finds, reflects and then projects. Our live vj-ing is a permanent interaction with the DJ (and/or musicians) and the crowd, and is a subconscious process. As a result, it gives us the possibility to react and reflect a visual flow. It becomes a conduit between the DJ and the audience to construct vivid visual displays and provide a recognizable identity for the interior of the club or party space.

MVD's recognition of beauty, and their wealth of astonishing imagery is sure to turn a normally passive group of people into an audience transfixed. MVD's production of live visual accompaniment for entertainment events captivates viewers and helps draw them into the experience.